VÄRT does many things;
ranging from teambuilding and lectures to product development and projects that transform systems

We help you map the complex world of sustainability.

What makes us unique is that we use food as a tool to connect you to the issues of today. We do this through food labs, exploring cutting edge food tech systems and problematizing the food of the future.

Are you not in the food sector? Not a problem. Actually, most of our clients are from other sectors and we take great pride in satisfying our customers' needs.

Whether you come to us with a problem or a curious mind we offer digestible knowledge and tangible solutions in everything connected to sustainability.

VÄRT then

VÄRT was founded in 2016 in Gothenburg with the conviction that the challenges the future holds will be overcome with insightful knowledge of sustainability. Starting out, we were desperately trying to manage the svinn from a handful of wholesales but we soon realised that we needed to stop handling food waste and start solving food waste and the food system as a whole.


VÄRT vision

VÄRT means "value" in Swedish, which underlines our commitment to creating social, cultural and economic worth.
Our vision is a society without svinn, a corporate culture that takes circular responsibility and an educated consumer who is equipped to participate in the debate and act accordingly.

VÄRT now

We collaborate with all kinds of companies, institutions and organizations where we use food as a tool to educate and explore the subject.
We realize solutions and concepts for a society that does not accept waste but makes use of the resources that arise