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What is a sustainable event?

A sustainable event for us means a meeting place that takes responsibility.
Here everything; content, food, drinks, technology, performers, outfits, reusable materials, waste management, decorations, and ingredients are sourced with consideration for the environment – from both economic, social, and ecological perspectives.

A green activity event can be ecological, waste-smart, local, fair trade, recycled, innovative, and great – all at once.

The goal of a sustainable event is to dare to create a space for its guests where the new, the non-normative and the sustainable are combined in an interactive and innovative way.

It can be an event to inspire your co-workers, meet a customer segment in a relevant and fun way, or to reach out to the public to talk about your sustainable product/service/system and showcase the actual work your doing.

Sustainable events allow us to celebrate what works and gather various examples of things that ’makes sense’ in a society that is transitioning.

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Bio founder, Corina Akner

What does VÄRT do?

Corina Akner is the founder and CEO of ‘VÄRT - Sustainable Food Lab’. She has always had a desire to explore, embody and teach others how to prioritize and make real changes in the way they think about sustainability.

She has a background in industrial design and has worked with and educated within the food sector in many different contexts; from assisting the Swedish national chef team, to leading workshops for multinational companies, to teaching classes in social entrepreneurship, design thinking and sustainable gastronomy at some of the most prestigious schools in Sweden. She has held seminars and lectures in food waste management and how to think 'beyond food waste' all around Europe.

Corina firmly believes that we need a shift in how we talk and address sustainability by letting people experience their own norms. By questioning these norms in a creative setting we can tackle the problems of both today and tomorrow.

VÄRT is a sustainability lab where people meet up to learn about sustainability by using food as a tool for learning.
VÄRT helps groups map the roles that: waste, side streams, norms and product development plays in the transition towards the necessary shift ahead of us. VÄRT has a long history of unique partnerships where they use workshops and activities to educate organisations, universities and companies in a fun and tangible way.
The range of services includes everything from team-building and lectures to event partnerships and product development, all aimed at systemic changes and sustainable shift. They work closely with content creators, filmmakers, chefs, illustrators, PR agencies, and artists, enabling them to assemble exceptional production teams for larger projects.
Here's the expertise to influence society towards a more system-smart and research-based transition – for the health of both humans and the planet.
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