Previous clients and projects

Selection of projects & partners


Product development
Project: Rescue Swedish horseradish
Client: Cajom AB

Sweden has gone from 350 horseradish farmers to 3 over the 70 years. To save the remaining production, VÄRT was tasked with renewing their range. We created 1 new product from the root and 2 from the leafy greens. Two of these participated in a foodtech competition and came 2nd place.


Project:: Positioning and sustainability event
Client: Stadsmissionen

Stadsmissionen is an institution that sells second-hand clothing and assists people in vulnerable situations. Sidestreams are a common denominator for us, so we created a tailored activity with the aim of strengthening their language around sustainability for future waste projects.

Circular workshop 
Project:: Deepen understanding of existing norms to strengthen brand within mobility/transport 
Client: Geely

 We created a workshop focusing on co-ownership, norm creativity and how to promote new behaviour on a massive scale. Geely worked with the concept, and adapted it into their own operations and projects.

Studio kitchen 
Project:: Analyze a product series based on haptics and texture first, and taste second.
Client: Lantmännen / Huj

The company focuses on vegan spreads and sells products in an otherwise non-vegan segment. They wanted to understand how they could better communicate the ways in which their products added something, rather than deviated from the norm. VÄRT helped Huj reconsider texture and consistency through a series of haptic methods and sensory models. 

Education  / workshop
Project::Guide 3rd year gastronomy students in sustainable meal ecology and the future of protein.
Client: Restaurang- och hotellhögskolan (RHS), Campus Grythyttan

VÄRT has been invited as experts for many years at this renowned and prestigious culinary school. We use our accumulated knowledge to introduce chefs to the complexity surrounding the future of food. 


Talk / sustainable activity 
Project: Food waste friendly menue showcasing the potential of functional food systems.
Client WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Awards + jury

During the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Awards AGM in our space, we problematized the food system and served 'functioning food systems' to the team and the jury. We mixed lectures with a 5-course menu full of discussion points on the topic.

Selection of events & presentations

Recipe development / taste lab

Project: Develop 2 recipes that showcase cultural and ecological relevance of porridge
Client: Eko Gröt SM with Sebastién Boudet

VÄRT was tasked with developing two new porridges; one savoury and one sweet to participate with in ‘EKO Gröt SM’ (Swedish Ecological championship of Porridge). By focusing our recipes on the versatility and simplicity of grain and its inherent nutritional excellency, we illustrated how much can be done with very little without skimping on taste and experience.
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Workshop / talk 

Project: Workshop for 60 change makers from Gothenburg city and over 60 families
Client: Minimeringsmästarna Göteborgs Stad

The project was to educate and engage 60 families and changemakers as part of their 6 week sustainable course initiated by the county of Gothenburg. A number of stations were put up portraying common misconceptions about sustainability. The participants got to familiarise with how norms keep guiding our lives. As always we presented concrete examples that have a positive impact.


Event / food fair 

Project: Visa upp lokala, innovativa, växtbaserade produckter samt ’framtidens mat’
Client: Try Swedish, Kulturkalaset, Frihamnsdagarna, Nordic Organic Food Fair, Passion för mat och Malmö Garden Show 

On numerous occasions we have been asked to represent new food products to a a wider audience through playful labs. This has grown to be very appreciated for smaller producers to get their voice heard and a great way of introducing a new concept from a well established brand.