Sustainable workshop


Sustainable workshop

Our workshop concept focuses on capturing your group's sustainable ambitions and finding common ground to act. We specialize in intensive half-day and full-day experiences with hands-on activities for you and your team.

Are you looking to enhance your team's understanding of sustainability and how it affects your context? Then you're in the right place?

Come and learn more about circular economy and sustainable systems in a new, hands-on and exciting way!

What is a sustainable workshop?

En hållbar workshop innehåller teman som mat, system och framtiden. Där utforskar vi hållbara metoder och lösningar. Vårt fokus är att visa upp fungerande produkter från livsmedelsindustrin. Vidare får ni prova dem, laga dem, smaka på dem och tänka kring dem samt den effekt de har.

We cover topics such as: reduced food waste, how you practically implement principles for circular economy in production and consumption. In addition, we explore innovative ways to create synergies, discuss the future of food technology and review strategies to promote environmentally friendly practices in the food sector. 

Our workshop aims to promote discussions, share knowledge and help you develop practical strategies. This is to create a more sustainable and effective understanding. The aim is that it should be able to be applied in other fields as well - but with food as a starting point.

What we do