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Sustainable workshop

Product design

Studio kitchen

Sustainable workshop

Our workshop concept is about capturing your group's sustainable ambitions and finding common ground.

We specialize in intensive half and full-day experiences with hands-on activities and labs for you and your team. Are you seeking to enhance your team's understanding of sustainability and how it impacts your context?
Then you've come to the right place.

Product design

Besides being an event partner and running sustainable workshops, VÄRT is also a design bureau. We help you develop products from side-streams /waste for increased sustainability, visibility, and growth.

We offer you new exciting ideas, strategies, concepts, packaging, and solutions. Contact us to describe your current situation or future plans, and we'll help you reach your potential.



Come to us for a fun and inspiring group activity!

Through our labs and the discussions that follow, we allow your group to meet and discover how personal experience aligns with the company's goals and societal needs. We highlight where these intersections happen to create more empathetic, energetic, and purposeful workgroups.

Take your group to the next sustainable level!

Studio kitchen

Rent our studio kitchen! It's entirely modular, covered in stainless steel, and everything is on wheels. We provide a bright, inviting, and open space for all types of creativity related to food. 

Would you like to teach a group something only you know? Arrange a pasta-making course?
Explore new ingredients? Try out new flavour combinations? Impress a client?

Rent our modular kitchen for up to 30 people. Contact us for pricing!