Studio kitchen

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Rent our studio kitchen! It's entirely modular, covered in stainless steel, and everything is on wheels. We provide a bright, inviting, and open space for all types of creativity related to food. We can help accommodate you with photographers and content creators according to your needs.


Would you like to teach a group something only you know? Arrange a pasta-making course? Explore new ingredients? Try out new flavour combinations? Impress a client?

Rent our modular kitchen for up to 30 people.Contact usterkommande evenemang


What is a studiokitchen?

Our studio kitchen is a versatile and modular cooking space specifically designed for various culinary activities. It is equipped with high-quality kitchen appliances, a lot of countertop space, and a layout that can be customized to different needs. The studio kitchen is utilized for cooking classes, culinary and sensory experiments, photo or video shoots, and even food product development. We provide an environment where individuals or groups can cook, experiment, teach, or create food-related content. We use the term 'studio' for our kitchen to describe that we are not only highly functional but also aesthetically appealing.

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