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At VÄRT we love connecting people over interesting and important topics. Come to us for a fun, inspiring and hands-on group activity! All groups we have met with consist of people of different backgrounds and education, especially in relation to sustainability. Through our labs and the discussions that follow, we let your group meet and discover how their own personal interests coexist with the company's goals. We showcase where these intersections happen in order to create empathic, energetic, and meaningful work groups. Take your group to the next sustainable level!

What is a sustainable teambuilding?

Our sustainable team-building activities consist of a series of exercises and labs aimed at strengthening relationships and experiences within the group in relation to concrete, innovative, and sustainable examples. Here, we include activities that promote group communication and problem-solving, but in a context where the material is food items, and the different ingredients represent all types of sustainable transitions. To change society, we must update our norms, both those of the consumer, producer and society. And there is always some resistance to change. By making our own personal norms visible and the group's experience central, we than can reflect on the various challenges facing the company and the goals of our own workgroup. The activities equip the group to be better prepared for the resistance that their sustainable transition might create and how to overcome it.

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